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  • I did the Evening program and it is so much fun to learn with my classmates, the instructor is so awesome MF 2013
  • Best Evening class I ever had MS2013
  • Proud Evening class Alumni ES 2013
  • I am truly prepared for Boards and more than prepared for Clinicals. When I started clinicals it felt as though I had already gain all the skills I needed; thanks to this course. CJ 2013
  • nurse

  • Mrs. Franz was an amazing and understanding instructor. She was able to teach the material very well, she made learning enjoyable and interesting. She was able go to instruct in an appropriate pace. she is always ready to help her student if needed. Great teacher!!!! Must take this program. JG 2012
  • Instructor provide several course and/or module level objectives that are distinct from general goals for the course, and the objectives are written and well formed. Great information. Perfect amount of time for the class. ST 2012
  • Learning activities and teaching strategies match the course objectives. Very hands-on.Lots of information and time to practice skills. DS 20112
  • The class was good and really helpful in every way- in lots of ways. EM 2012
  • Very precise in explaining and very helpful. AN 2012
  • Instructor provides clear guidance as to how to contact instructor, what time of response time students can expect when making requests of instructor. Very professional. DK 2012
  • Fantastic program!!!! Highly recommended!!!!! SG 2012
  • Requirements needed to participate in the course are clearly specified with regard to skills and equipment. ML 2012
  • Instructor provides both and general resources relevant to the course content and resources attached to particular modules. TW 2012
  • I will highly recommend Agape Angelicum to other students. GB 2012
  • The instructor provides High- quality specific instructions for the successful completion of all course assignments, guidelines for working in students groups. NM 2012
  • I highly recommend Agape Angelicum School of Nursing Arts for potential students who wants to be certified nursing aide. SL 2012
  • School/Training was fantastic!! MB 2012
  • To my instructor Maria Franz I am grateful for your time and expertise JW 2012
  • I learn a lot from Ms.Franz SN 2012
  • Excellent Course! LR 2012
  • My Instructor is AWESOME! I have learned a lot in this course. She is so qualified teaching us; very professional; more than what this course is about, and she is so patient and gives clear communication. I would like to recommend to any student who would like to learn. I give her a 100% Thank you so much!!!!! TM 2012
  • Hands on training at Lab and Clinicals.SL 2011
  • I like the instructor she is understanding and give her best to her students. TG 2011
  • What I like in this class is the instructor she was very understanding and patient. RA 2011
  • The class location was very convinient for me and the ability to learn better smaller class ( compared to other schools) I also really enjoyed the fact that I can get my board exam “In House” KR 2011
  • I like the class size and the atmosphere. Instruction is very effective. SF 2011
  • Their teaching is excellent. AO 2011
  • I like best the interaction with all classmates and instructor. WV 2011
  • Very friendly teaching and built confidence. i interacted with other students and assisted in helpful hints, etc.. Maria was great!!!! VP 2011
  • nurse

  • I would not change anything in this class, except make the class longer to see Maria and Friends more. MS 2011
  • Greatest thing the interaction with students and instructor. RS 2010
  • Learning new things is the best thing I got in this class. AA 2010
  • I will not change anything in this program!!!More power AGAPE ANGELICUM!!!!!! AD 2010
  • The intense hands-on work and interaction with fellow students made this valuable classroom experience. SF 2010
  • I like that we as students can form close bonds with each other and learn from each other. SM 2010
  • I like best in this class is the people and helping each other. I learned a lot. NC 2010
  • Students got closer together and help each other. Maria was very helpful in every way. MS2010
  • I like everything in this class I learn a lot in this class JX 2010
  • I LIKE BEST IN THIS CLASS ARE MY FELLOW STUDENTS AND INSTRUCTOR. We all work together to be successful.!!!! GG 2010
  • I like the idea of not spoon feeding the students which gives us the independence to do our own ways but still following the concepts learned. MA 2010
  • I like the interaction with students and the food and social time. DP 2010
  • A lot of hands on training, PW 2009
  • I like the class best because it taught me a lot on how to care for resident, FA 2009
  • The Instructors’ level of enthusiasm for teaching has been excellent, LK 2009
  • My instructor assisted with or referred technical problems appropriately, DP 2009
  • The overall effectiveness of the course has been excellent, CK 2009
  • The level of hands on experience, the format of learning skills and then teaching them to others, and the flexibility of pace of learning is what I like best in this class. AJ 2009
  • My instructor provided a means for me to interact with other students in the course effectively, TU 2008
  • I loved this class. I enjoyed everything about this class, I will not change anything in this class, SC 2008
  • The dedication of the instructor to high standard of training is invaluable to this course. Many thanks for your passion and dedication to your students, SL 2008
  • I really enjoyed the amount of time spent to practice our skills. During Lab I learned the most, CS 2008
  • Great instructor, comfortable atmosphere great teaching an excellent course, RT 2008
  • There is nothing I like to change in this class. This class makes me know what Nurse Aide work is all about. I love my teacher because she makes me understand anything about the course, FA 2008
  • The instructor makes learning fun, SC 2008
  • I like the interaction with students and how everyone helps each other, GH 2009

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